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Page Revision: 2011/04/15 19:46

programs.xml (and custom_programs.xml, see Custom Data Files) contains all of the information on the Programs used to make up a Technomancer's Complex Form.


      <program />

program nodes describe individual Programs.

program Node

   <name />
   <skill />
   <category />
   <complexform />
   <source />

name (required): the name of the Program.

skill (required): the Active Skill that is typically used in when using this Program.

category (required): the Category that this Program belongs to, such as Autosoft, Hacking, and IC.

complexform (required): whether or not this Program can be added to a Complex Form. Acceptable values: yes, no. Currently unused but should be filled in appropriately should it become used.

source (required): the code for the Sourcebook that this entry comes from. See books.xml.

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